Stefanie Fuchs - Founder and CEO
The agency FUCHS PR & CONSULTING was founded by Stefanie Fuchs in July 2005.

Having worked as a press officer for several firms Stefanie Fuchs has much experience and expertise in communication. She maintains a well-established network including multipliers, opinion leaders and media partners from sports, politics, the economy, show business and culture. Stefanie Fuchs also holds a professorship at Kempten University of Applied Sciences where she teaches students in the sector of company development and leadership, particularly in public relations.

Facts & Figures:
  • She was Head of Press and Public Relations, and Press Officer of the festival theatre of Neuschwanstein and the new musical “Ludwig²“. Her main task was to organize public relations after the re-opening of the theatre in May 2004 and to develop the PR-strategy for the opening night of the new musical on March 11, 2005.
  • Project manager for press and public relations and event management at the bigBOX Kempten venue hall: monitoring of the project during the opening and launching in relation to both the press and public relations, and as a consultant and executive manager for the design and positioning of the event program.
  • Event management of the musical "Ludwig II - Longing for Paradise": design and implementation of high-profile events for the whole house, for example, the first "anniversary" of the musical, Louis birthday and acquisition and management of corporate events
  • Languages spoken: English, Italian, French.