Communication consists of two areas: public relations (PR) and advertising. Before we start advising our customers, making them "communication professionals" in terms of an ideal communication strategy - which in our opinion is the perfect blend between PR and advertising -, it is our heart's desire to explain to our customers the exact difference between PR and advertising, and to look at public relations more closely as it is our core competence.

Public Relations
  • acts indirectly through a third party
  • should promote trust
  • should control / develop opinions
  • does not pay for media space

  • acts directly on potential buyers
  • should influence buying behavior
  • should increase sales
  • pays for media space

PR builds up relationships to various target groups and provides information. Usually this is done indirectly through third parties, so-called multipliers or opinion leader. PR promotes trust in a company, a brand, a product or a person. It banks on long-term relationship with various target groups.

Although FUCHS PR & CONSULTING is a full-service agency in the communication area, PR comes first for us. After perfect coordination with marketing and sales promotion, we will create an optimized communication plan and implement, monitor and evaluate it.